A Golden Road

Every twist and turn in life also takes you forward.


Twelve years ago I was given a wonderful new direction, quite unplanned by me. And stepping onto that path only seemed to take me further away from the vision.

All that happened from then until now added a deeper appreciation for relationships, love, and giving. It was a hard road. Not the yellow brick road of confinement, but the golden road of opportunity and change.

Now I see that the vision has become a reality – precisely because I didn’t know where I was going. A seed was planted 12 years ago and I suddenly realize it is a fully-developed fact now. The hard road was just life, pulling me into my purpose in its slow and deliberate way.


What life delivers is always the good. Not what we want. Now what gives us pleasure. What life delivers is what we need; what the creature called ‘human’ needs.

The subtraction for me today is to remove this website. It has been an exercise in sharing my positive philosophy to encourage others. It no longer serves my purpose because the philosophy has become actions in reality. It is the integrated reality that appeared as a seed 12 years ago.

All that life hands you to do is customized for your ultimate purpose, something greater and more grounded than we imagine. It includes your whole being, not just the parts in which you feel most competent.

Yes, I am older and wiser now. I have something to give to my family that I did not have before.

I am late to the future, so I’m moving forward now. I encourage you to accept the straining and reaching love requires of us.