Audio Newsletter 005

Working Organically


You might have noticed that I skipped sending a newsletter last weekend. I’ve learned that for my work to be effective, received, and felt it must come solidly from the heart. It also ensures that I’m satisfied in my work. I had nothing compelling to share last Sunday, so I skipped it. 

What we really want is to know what we were born to do, what we’re equipped to do, what we do well. There’s a lot of talk sometimes in business circles about moving toward the “unconscious competence” and that’s when you’re in your total natural flow of efficiency and your skills are all on board and you’re happily working—you lose sight of time and you just put yourself into it and it’s a joy; it’s a joy to work that way. Well that’s the art of working organically. 

But sometimes when we have to show up forty hours a week and we get home, and we take care of the obligations that have slipped by, and we take time for recreation, sometimes that’s the total sum of our life.  

On Tuesday my good friend Joy called me from Oregon. If you remember, in Newsletter #003 I shared a bit of Joy’s story. She lives in Oregon, and over the years we have worked together on The Cycle of Unconscious Response. I finished the main part of my work with Joy last summer and I asked her what she would say about the experience.

Here’s Joy. 

“You have plenty of involvement for the client to study out something within themselves. Your homework is awesome—like the ‘mind map’ stuff. The Cyclemakes you able to change your mind. It actually nails it down. That’s what we did—we kept nailing it down. And it’s not like I have to hold it there. It stays! That’s what it’s all about; it’s to change your attitude. This helps you to change your mind. As you recognize what’s happening, you nail it down and it stays there. And the whim motion, being moved and confused…No.In fact, those were the times when I would call you, when I was feeling shaken—and we’d nail it down again. Easy. It was always way more positive, and different than what my imagination was telling me.”

What Joy was talking about was how we would take her out of that whole flurry of what she was doing and how she was working, and the problems that came up that kind of threw her off her plans, and we would just find out what was the emotional trigger and why was it upsetting. Joy naturally works from the heart and she does things that are important to her, that have value, that have long-term effects. And the enjoyment of what she’s doing is what keeps her motivated—not unlike the rest of us. So the art of working organically is that vivacity that you heard in Joy’s voice. 

So thanks, Joy. I really appreciate the work you’ve done and the way that you express the things that we found out, and we’ll look at something new next time. Be sure and send your comments in because they really add the spice to what we’re doing. 

If you’re interested in finding out exactly what The Cycle of Unconscious Response is and how those twelve phases unfold, I am going to offer a series of small group sessions where we will gather together—I could do it virtually, we’ll see. But basically right now I have those things scheduled. So here’s a link where you can find out more. That’s all I have for now. Thanks, and we’ll see you next time.