Audio Newsletter 007

Beyond Accomplishment

Elizabeth Diane Martin
What’s beyond accomplishment?


We’re going to touch this time on an aspect of The Cycle of Unconscious Response. For some people, that is the only interest they have—part of that appears in the book, “The Heart’s Mind” and also in the training I am offering starting this week. Be sure and send me an email if you’re interested. It will be in Colorado Springs, small groups from just two to four people. My email address is heartsmind12 at gmail dot com.

I’m looking toward Phase 7 in this talk. I dove into it because Phase 7 is about the limitation of human strength so that we can see what is beyond what we can accomplish. 

I’ve had some conversations lately where I really feel like the person that I was speaking to thought that I was just spouting some kind of platitudes about ideals. 

What a man looks for in what a woman writes is: What’s the objective and how are we going to get there. Give me a plan that I can follow with my conscious mind, where I can strategize and I can see its value, and therefore put effort to it.

Well, for women, or at least I can say for some women and certainly for me, the physical objective is not the true objective. The value that we find in the things that we do transcends…it just transcends life. 

“The Cycle of Unconscious Response” is something that is a trait of human nature, and more specifically it is some of the manifestations of the human spirit. It is cyclical and it repeats, and is so much a part of life that it cannot be separated from the process of living.

We don’t know why what we do is important. We look at spiritual things as expressions of faith or religion or philosophy. What I have discovered is that there is a physical effect on the human spirit. I’m not talking about spiritual things or things of the spirit. I’m talking about the nature of spirit itself.

I’ve been watching the Netflix series called “The Crown.” It’s quite an amazing story about Queen Elizabeth and how she took on the role, prematurely, of being Queen and governing the nation by right she was born into. In this particular scene, Winston Churchill is coaching Elizabeth in the art of manifesting the strength and the power that resides in royalty, that is beyond the person herself—or himself, in the case of the king—and he says, “Don’t show them the human. Show them the eternal. 

To have that displayed and conveyed as an idea in that circumstance helps us understand the transcendent qualities of human nature that reside in our eternal. Our eternal being is the spirit.

So, there you go—that’s some pretty heavy stuff to digest. I don’t know if it will fly or not, but I have to be brave and offer what I have. I appreciate your comments.