Audio Newsletter 010: Help your mind see from the heart

Elizabeth Martin presenting on April 13, 2019

Audio recording:


I want to share with you the presentation I performed on April 13th with three of my colleagues*. The event was called, “The Path of Victory: A Demonstration of Four Approaches That Support Personal Growth.”

We felt this kind of event was both necessary and timely because how we show up as individuals is now more important than ever before. We want—and need—to understand ourselves better:

  • To be motivated and creative in work,
  • To have meaningful lives,
  • To cultivate relationships with an attitude of acceptance and mutual respect, and
  • To remove obstacles to personal growth and confidence.

Each of the presenters wanted to build you up on the inside so you are able to access your natural resourcefulness, and get on with what’s important to you.

In my presentation I began with an introduction. I have been developing systems for people so long—with business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists—that the way people work became my specialty.

I have been developing systems for people so long—with business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists—that the way people work became my specialty.

In 2012 my professional work became relevant to my secret studies about the unconscious. I decided to start a business again, this time working only with visionaries.

In my personal life, at 46, I came back to the States after a year in Thailand, disoriented, no longer married, holding my family together with my children and grandchildren, and I was faced with creating a new career for myself. I needed a new inner compass.

So I spent every spare hour, in quiet, letting my mind recalibrate. Six years later, I had a system that was human, organic, and natural. I knew for sure how to always find good in an imperfect world. It’s in being complete within.

We are a naturally integrated system. We can’t separate the parts. We mature in all ways at once: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. What we know in our hearts is huge—way too big for the mind. And yet we function in it intuitively.

We can find and pursue our life’s work when we begin at the heart. In our hearts, we are certain that good can be had, so we naturally and unconsciously move toward it. Your inborn qualities operate to overcome obstacles to your heart’s desire. Unconscious words and actions are clues to your whole person.

Since technology changed the world, we are forming new paradigms for working. I propose new definitions that can help our minds look outwardly from the heart—to be fulfilled as we live and work.

These are the definitions that I propose:

The Art of Perspective: New Definitions for the Heart’s Mind

Heart: The deepest essence of your being; the root of your personality.

Soul: Where will and emotion converge into motivation.

Mind: The place where decisions are made, giving direction to your life.

Body: The vehicle for all action, and that which facilitates or restricts ability.

Priority: The hierarchy of importance where we place people, situations, things, and ideas in relation to one another.

Unconscious: The part of being that is before conscious or subconscious thought. It is the intuitive knowledge that is the human, a living navigation system that guides us from birth to death.

Unconscious Good: The positive quality of the human spirit that makes all people inclined to improve their situation. It is the impulse of human nature that is spiritual, involuntary, knowing, and of love’s essence. It is the life force that draws us toward a good, just as a plant is drawn to sunlight.

Work (not to be confused with “job”): Motion of the body with intention. Work is the natural imperative of desire, the activity necessary to realize and manifest ideas.

Perfect Good: The unattainable for which we, nevertheless, strive to reach daily. It is the source of dissatisfaction with the world as it is. The ability to conceive of the perfect is evidence that it exists.

— That was the end of my presentation and then we went into discussion. I encourage you to take these definitions, discuss them among yourselves, with your friends and family, and hopefully, to share your comments back to me.


*The other presenters were Kelly Cavanaugh, Integrated Wellness Life Coach; Wendy Carter, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Valerie Montgomery, Licensed Professional Counselor.