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The Heart’s Mind:
How Unconscious Responses Naturally Improve Our Lives While We Make Other Plans

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When life took an unexpected turn Elizabeth found that her carefully constructed faith system had failed. Starting over meant finding a more reliable basis on which to build the rest of her life. By letting go of the reins, life carried her toward the answer: how she was designed to survive.

In the path of recovery, certain life principles came forward, and Elizabeth tested each one until it proved rock-solid. Over time, hope and meaning attached themselves to her, purely as by-products of following this unique internal compass.

Each of us has a “self-culture” where all that we know, feel, want, and plan forms our unique worldview. We are designed in our nature to constantly work to improve our circumstances. The Heart’s Mind is the inside view of how we are empowered from the human spirit, that part of us that is unaffected by the world.

We are in the rapids of wholesale change in all areas of life. This is an opportunity to consider new ways of thinking, relating, and working. These are historic times that demand each person find her and his unique place of service.

The Heart’s Mind is both practical and visionary, designed to awaken your self-renewing positive motivation. Life is personal!

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Time and Life Cycles: A Companion Booklet

This is an updated version to accompany the principles and commentary in the book, “The Heart’s Mind: How Unconscious Responses in Life and Work Naturally Improve Our Lives While We Make Other Plans.” This quick-read version is the original inspired text, first published in 2012.  Read poetic impressions of the 12 phases of The Cycle of Unconscious Response, month by month. The continuity of The Cycle is further illustrated in impressions for each day of a month.

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