Born to be life pioneers

We love a good success story, especially in a two-hour movie where we can comfortably experience the thrills of inspiration, the surprises and stresses of a journey, and most of all, the satisfaction of a successful conclusion.

Life isn’t like that, is it? Actually, it is like that – in excruciating slow motion, dragged over 60 or 70 years. There’s nothing to be gained by thinking we’re just marking time.

Time-lapsed true-life stories about sacrifices that pay off actually bring meaning to our lives.

In retrospect, being happy in work has been the best quality of my life. People seemed to recognize how they could use me long before I did. Without trying, I would improve the job I was assigned, and that made me an attractive prospect for promotions. It just happened

But the events of the recent past opened my eyes to the idea of doing what I am born to do, rather than what I’m trained to do. What I became skilled at can now be used for my purposes – and maybe that was the intention all along.


The pioneering winemakers of Willamette, Oregon committed to the call of the wild without knowing what the outcome would be:

“There was a much higher calling than trying to imitate some other place. That goal was to figure out who we wanted to be for ourselves, and what it was that we could do that nobody else could do.”
– Oregon Wine: Grapes of Place 


It’s the process of growth that takes so long, but at certain points

along the way, looking back can give you your own time-lapsed rapid view. Review your life now, without comparing it to what you wanted to accomplish, and make a note of the important turning points. See what life handed you, and plot its sequence and direction. How would your outlook change if you accepted these facts as the consistent good in your life?

I did this and started accepting life’s twists and turns, rather than exhausting myself trying to straighten them out. I have since watched my life reassemble itself around what I was born to do. It’s still hair-raising at times, life being what it is. The difference is that now I understand that life always supports what I was born to be and to do. In the process, my body, mind and spirit are renewed, not depleted.

Life sends out the call. I recommend that you consider discovering what your life tells you about what you are born to do. And follow it, if you can.