Creating unconsciously

"Phoenix: A self-portrait" by Elizabeth Diane Martin
“Phoenix: A self-portrait” by Elizabeth Diane Martin; conte crayon and marker

Art brings something to us that never existed before. The WOW! factor is – I’ve never seen that before!

In the normal scheme of things, the artist’s life makes no sense. And yet out of this ‘nonsense’ comes intriguing, amazing and beautiful creations. THAT is creativity! Something that amazes.

Is creativity like spontaneous combustion? Where does it begin? What is its original substance? Original thought is unconscious; it is not “matter.” And for some, if it’s not physical, it doesn’t matter! But artists – and entrepreneurs – are the type of people who work the intangible until it becomes tangible.

What most people don’t realize is that they are being creative when they work at something no one else cares to do. It’s in the working it out that we lose track. The working out is in the physical, and the process is a different kind of logic – steady, gradual and straight in its own way.

Unconscious behavior varies with personality and how that person processes information. Nurturing an original idea takes attention, perspective, strength, and commitment. This is the source of originality.

Creativity is a natural phenomenon. We can know what we often wonder about the creative process by observing our own unconscious actions. Ultimately, the benefit of creativity is as intangible as its seed. Joy. Delight. Laughter. Amazement. Stimulation. Humanity. Discover your private world of creativity.