March 2019 through June 2019

Understanding The Cycle of Unconscious Response

April 13, 2019

The Art of PerspectiveTM
Special Presentation:

The Path of Victory

A Demonstration of
Four Approaches That Support
Personal Growth

Saturday April 13, 2019
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
2402 North Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs CO 80907
Fit Body Studio

Being Calm & Confident Takes a Team

Here are four women who are here to help.

Services in the field of counseling are increasingly in demand, and yet we may not be clear how each type of service works, in practice. Each of these professionals will illustrate an aspect of interaction that enhances a client’s inherent resourcefulness.

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A Journal of Past Events

January 2019

Back in 2013, I did a test of the idea that the opposites of life and work styles harmonize in the individual. I presented this PowerPoint to three small groups in a business environment. I got mixed reactions but it was a groundbreaking move for me, a new personal best!

My philosophy hasn’t changed and the PowerPoint is worth revisiting:

November 2018

New updated edition now available:
Time and Life Cycles:
A Companion
to “The Heart’s Mind.”

September 2018

The original art on the cover of “The Heart’s Mind” was created by the talented, award-winning artist and my niece, Grace Powell.

Grace took hold of the spirit of the book, my preference for trees with roots showing, and the natural vivacity of the heart. She created this perfect abstraction that conveys it all.

See the sparks of connection in the branches, just like the brain, but coming from a person whose heart is electrified by drawing from the depth of meaning. It is the natural process, which is the power of The Heart’s Mind!

August 8, 2018

“The Heart’s Mind” is now available on Amazon!

The day finally arrived! My first major publication is now available on

The body, mind, and soul are electrified by the heart.


March 7, 2018

The Art of Perspective offers a model for the inspired solo worker:

Front-wheel drive your life. 

February 2017

Copy “Meditation by Thomas Hilty” by Elizabeth Diane Martin, 2005

“The Phenomenon of Creativity”

at the Pikes Peak Pen Women’s February 2017 luncheon.

Elizabeth Diane Martin talks on “How I discovered the phenomenon of creativity.“

In the serendipity of life, Elizabeth left behind a business mind to enter the fertile fields of art and creative writing. It was an unplanned four-year journey from left brain to right brain that revealed a very strong unconscious intention.

Elizabeth shares how her artistry showed up naturally and unexpectedly in studio art training. In the process, she also a path of creativity useful in her work with entrepreneurs.

February 3, 2017

The Business of Counseling  presentation for Mental Health Professionals MeetUp, Valerie Montgomery LPC, organizer

More help for You as a Business (Copyright, Elizabeth Diane Martin)

Elizabeth Diane Martin is a business development consultant helping people who are developing a business structure around their personal creative workflow. With a background in computers and small business management, Elizabeth is also a professional creative writer and emerging artist. She offers basic business education for creative solo entrepreneurs who also market on the Internet.



October 18, 2016

"Released" by Elizabeth Diane Martin
“Released” by Elizabeth Diane Martin; oil.

 “How unconscious behavior reveals creativity” – An event in honor of National Arts and Humanities Month: Raising public awareness about the role the arts and humanities play in our communities and lives.
The Art of Perspective presented a special arts discussion on unconscious creativity.

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August 2016

The Citizen Journalism for the Arts Project at
The RMPBS Tim Gill Center for Public Media

Jon Horton, Chloe, Kate Perdoni, trainer, Kristen Olsen, Elizabeth Martin, Cathy Genato, Meredith Ann

Hear all the radio productions by the team: Citizen Journalism for the Arts Project, Summer 2016 and see other Tim Gill Center projects.

The Complete Artist” radio program produced by Elizabeth Diane Martin

Featuring these four Colorado Springs artists who illustrate the heart, soul, mind, and body of the complete artist.

Ellen Brown, Watercolor Society artist: Always reach for new heights.


Rouse 66: Douglas and Mallori Rouse: Stay hopeful and never stop working.


Juel Grant: Immerse yourself in the freedom of inspiration.


Liz Lata: In everyday life we can forget what we’re made of.








July 12, 2014
Beyond Beautiful counseling center, Colorado Springs
Open House Featuring Elizabeth Martin

An Afternoon Exploring The Cycle of Unconscious Response ©

Elizabeth Martin is a business advisor who has helped many people bridge the gap between their unique gifts and the world of business. After becoming an artist, Elizabeth discovered the power of natural gifts and how they can lie undiscovered within a person.


“I help people recognize how they are uniquely equipped, and how to affirm, validate and confidently express that unique contribution” Elizabeth says. She creates platforms where people can be most productive with their gifts, from the inside, out.


2011 – 2014 “Conversations About You As A Business” Sponsored by SCORE


Interdisciplinary Degree Exhibition

Multi-media exhibition, featuring “Author Authenticity: A true-life fantasy” by Elizabeth Martin. Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, Colorado.


Art: Graphic design and production of a book.
Writing: An original allegory, the story of Petra and her journey into the world of artists. (Based on Hermeneutic Anthropology: field research of artists as a culture.)
Leadership: Degree program development; production of the multi-media solo exhibition, including displays of the book in sections, original artwork, visual presentation of the artists interviewed in the study, music and refreshments.