Feeling or Emotion?

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I imagine that a baby feels emotion when her body is moved into the birth canal. What a big change, right?! It’s a Phase Eight situation (of the 12 phases) in between the womb and birth, with pressure building as it continues to grow there. But then, Baby’s is not dependent on her environment for her emotion. Baby is still a very natural spirit. She is intuitive about the only environment she has ever known. It is constant.


A friend once told me that she thought emotions are spiritual, and I assumed that came from metaphysical theories. I said, no; emotions are reactive and spirit does not react to the physical environment. Spirit is transcendent. That’s why it is more reliable than intellect or emotion; more reliable, even, than cues from the physical.

Feelings are unconscious responses.

Feelings are natural intuitive responses; unconscious responses. When Baby is in Phase Eight (the birth canal), her feeling tells her that this is fine. Her intuition is based on what she knows as unshakable, and moving into the birth canal feels right. She doesn’t have an emotional reaction as if something strange is happening.


When Baby gets outside the womb at birth, everything becomes emotional. Everything is different and strange; unfamiliar. She scrambles for something familiar to hold on to but there’s nothing. This is an emotional reaction, not a feeling. Baby has just begun to build a new familiar environment, and she does it from her intuitive spiritual self. We do this our whole lives, gaining confidence and maturity as we unconsciously bring the external world into alignment with our spirits, day by day.


From Baby’s earliest formation in the womb, her spirit remains constant throughout her lifetime. She works intuitively from her intrinsic nature, unconsciously. Intuition is to move in the path that is so familiar we don’t think about it. I call the world we build around our intrinsic spirit nature our “self-culture.”


Feeling has everything to do with what you know as unshakable. Emotion is reactive to what is not familiar within our self-culture. So emotion is reactive, even if it is positive. It is an emotional reaction in the soul, not the spirit. Spirit stays true to the course of its own timeless knowledge.


When our emotions run so high that we drift away from our spirits, we feel overwhelmed and disoriented. We have to pull back into ourselves, back to what is unshakably familiar: our unique self-culture. For some, physical activity or intellectual discourse is intuitive. For others, diversion and fun gets them back to themselves. To restore my calm, I withdraw to reflect and put everything physical and emotional into perspective – my way. My intuitive sense of spirit is manifest in my theory about all this: The Cycle of Unconscious Response.

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