About 12 phases

Living and working with our whole heart
satisfies the natural quest for happiness.

Unspoken, heartfelt beliefs rush to the forefront when the unexpected happens or when our individual survival is challenged. The impact of change disconnects the mind from our rote and routine responses so that we can think from the heart’s mind.

Human nature is consists in heart as well as  intellect, emotion, and the physical. While we’re not looking, a gradual 12-phase progression led by the heart’s mind rejuvenates the spirit.

When we acknowledge the power of the heart and see how it keeps in flow with nature, life is good!

As surely as the heart beats without conscious effort, so does the unconscious work for us to ensure the unique mark of each person.

From thevirtualbrain.com

Your brain may or may not like the fact that the unconscious is more powerful and effective than your conscious intellect but…

One day, it will hit you: This is good stuff!

We might know what we do and what we say and what we believe, but do we know what we are? The powerful unconscious shows up instantly in unplanned words and actions.

Each of us is unique and showing up as we are is the difference we can make.

Working in the 21st Century depends on our ability to be, live, and work as individuals. The tools of the 20th Century not only makes creativity possible, it makes creativity imperative. Lucky for us, the ability to create is already built into our nature.

More about the 12 phases will be explained in the forthcoming book “The Heart’s Mind.”

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