About the author

Elizabeth Diane writes about originality and the source of individuality within a person.

In the serendipity of life’s twists and turns, Elizabeth…

  • went from being a corporate employee to a peach farmer in a family business in Palisade, Colorado;
  • learned the value of self-directed education for herself and her children through home-based education;
  • for one short year, experienced international culture with Westerners in Thailand;
  • discovered latent skills by solving problems for small business owners, designing custom business infrastructure, supporting what worked well, and removing obstacles to effective performance;
  • returned to college as a non-traditional student at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction where her inner artist first saw the light of day;
  • created support in Colorado Springs for artists and entrepreneurs starting and operating businesses around their ideas and creations;
  • left a lifetime in the business culture and “recovered her natural self” by applying lessons learned about unconscious leadership;
  • realized a lifetime achievement in writing a book (to be released in 2018) based on a natural phenomenon she calls The Cycle of Unconscious Response;
  • in 2017 learned the blessing of inheritance and returned to the business world by serving families through financial education and wealth-building strategies.

Elizabeth lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a mother of two, a grandmother of four, and a great-grandmother of three children, so far.

“It is immensely satisfying to being happy in work, and to realize that you fit perfectly in your life. It’s not Utopia; it’s the perfection of being imperfect, and finding that life will hand you what you need to fulfill your purpose.”

The Art of Perspective raises the value of natural  leadership, creativity, and innovation that is a characteristic of being human.

What was the last time you evaluated the direction of the life God put in your hands?

Where would you say your life is heading – looking  at how you changed, from your early twenties to the age you are now?