About the author

Since 1998, Elizabeth Diane Martin has been a co-leader with small business owners, helping update their management systems with computer information.

And then, in 2005, she went back to college, and through a serendipitous turn of events, changed from a business major to art. Learning the work of an artist proved to be a catalyst.

Combined with her entrepreneur heart, the idea of creativity was electrified with  new meaning: it is a quality of human nature, one which every person possesses.

The simplicity is overwhelming:
The individual is the source of innovation and creativity!

This insight from personal experience provided keys to finding the fount of innovation and creativity, the  unique mix deep in a person’s heart that produces an unconscious drive. This drive shows up in distinct inclinations and ways of being and working that distinguishes each individual from all others.

Elizabeth took this incubating seed of an idea from Grand Junction, Colorado to Colorado Springs, and began to work with creative and innovative individuals who were putting heart and soul into their work. It became clear that…

We create the work we love to do, and it often takes shape as a business.

Based on twenty years’ experience working alongside all types of creative and innovative people, combined with the study of the 12 phases, Elizabeth writes about the evidence of the human inclination to improve our lot, wherever we live.

“It is immensely satisfying to be happy in work, and to realize that you fit perfectly in your life. It’s not Utopia; it’s the perfection of being imperfect, and finding that life will hand you what you need to fulfill your purpose.”

The Art of Perspective raises the value of natural  leadership, creativity, and innovation that is a characteristic of being an original, the one and only version of you.

The unplanned course of our lives shows us
what we are born, and naturally equipped, to do.

The principles of the 12 phases illustrate the natural process of realizing what life does to support the human spirit, so that we have what it takes to accept life, as it is presented to us.

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