Conscious connection




Being naturally human can get lost in the passing of time and life.

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Just as a plant ‘knows’ to seek light, human beings know to seek good. We always try to improve our lot, whatever it may be. Make time your friend; it’s predictable. Elizabeth says:

“There’s a system at work within us, carrying us through impossible obstacles and setting our feet on solid ground again.”

Elizabeth tracked the way unconscious behavior reveals consistent, predictable direction that comes from deep within. She believes it is evidence of the human spirit as it affects our minds and bodies, in positive impulses.

The progression is illustrated in The Cycle of Unconscious Response, a series of 12 phases that add a facet of good to your life. The diagram serves as a tool to look back at the tracks where our unseen self is inclined to go.

“Get to know the real strength of your inner person, constantly and effortlessly at work for you.”  – Elizabeth

In the intelligence of what we do without thinking, life supports our growth and maturity, naturally, all the time.