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June 20, 2018

Deadline is set for the book to be available on Amazon in print and for Kindle July 1, 2018. Artwork for the cover is coming and formatting is nearly done.

The title:

The Heart’s Mind: How unconscious responses in life and work
naturally improve our lives while we make other plans.

Stay tuned…


March 7, 2018

The book is going through final edits. Coincidentally, The Art of Perspective offers a model for the inspired solo worker (see the Heart-Driven Workers page for more):


January 24, 2018

The horse is now in front of the cart. Now the book is leading me…

October 2017

With a grateful heart, I’m stepping back after an insightful critique by my friend and associate, David H. Lee. David has his own system, Strategic Perspectives, and his evaluation of my writing cut right through the ambiguities and brought clarity to the situation. I will be looking at the draft with fresh eyes. No need to rush it out prematurely…

July 21, 2017

The final draft is ready for a final critique. Next step, making it pretty and placing it on Amazon/Kindle/CreateSpace to publish and distribute.

Gradually, I am becoming comfortable with the unvarnished thing that was put in my hands. Elaboration will depend on what others want, after reading this overview.

So here’s the latest version of the title:

“12 Phases of Unconscious Response That Define Your Self-Culture”

The Cycle of Unconscious Response is, and always has been, the only thing unique to my writing. Until now, I have not been comfortable leading with that unvarnished fact, the thing that requires me to lay my head on the block and accept public judgment.

May 25, 2017

“With No One’s Approval: How To Define Self-Culture To Become Happy in Life and Work”

Excerpt from the Introduction:

“The world that churns before I form a plan is what I call ‘self-culture.’ I define it as the total environment that forms my internal decision-making process. It is formed around the survival and preservation of my unique identity – my ‘person.’

My self-culture works to provide my mind with intuitive direction that supersedes intellect. With no one’s approval, the self will always follow the highest value of my personal identity, rather than succumb to obstacles to survival. Self-culture is the fertile ground of my self-renewing positive motivation and courage – not for external purposes, but for internal peace of mind.”

February 22, 2017

Original book released for critique: “With no one’s approval: In defense of self-culture.”

A comprehensive collection of works about the way we naturally advance a singular objective, wordlessly and with a survivalist intention. Watch for availability, or request permission to critique pre-release. Contact Elizabeth

Saturday, February 2017

Copy “Meditation by Thomas Hilty” by Elizabeth Diane Martin, 2005

“The Phenomenon of Creativity”

at the Pikes Peak Pen Women’s February 2017 luncheon.

Elizabeth Diane Martin talks on “How I discovered the phenomenon of creativity.“

In the serendipity of life, Elizabeth left behind a business mind to enter the fertile fields of art and creative writing. It was an unplanned four-year journey from left brain to right brain that revealed a very strong unconscious intention.

Elizabeth shares how her artistry showed up naturally and unexpectedly in studio art training. In the process, she also a path of creativity useful in her work with entrepreneurs.



February 3, 2017 at the Mental Health Professionals of Southern Colorado

The Business of Counseling, Valerie Montgomery LPC, organizer

More help for You as a Business (Copyright, Elizabeth Diane Martin)

Elizabeth Diane Martin is a business development consultant helping people who are developing a business structure around their personal creative workflow. With a background in computers and small business management, Elizabeth is also a professional creative writer and emerging artist. She offers basic business education for creative solo entrepreneurs who also market on the Internet.


October 18, 2016

"Released" by Elizabeth Diane Martin
“Released” by Elizabeth Diane Martin; oil.

 “How unconscious behavior reveals creativity” – An event in honor of National Arts and Humanities Month: Raising public awareness about the role the arts and humanities play in our communities and lives.
The Art of Perspective presented a special arts discussion on unconscious creativity.

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 July 12, 2014 Beyond Beautiful counseling center, Colorado Springs

Open House Featuring Elizabeth Martin

An Afternoon Exploring The Cycle of Unconscious Response ©

Elizabeth Martin is a business advisor who has helped many people bridge the gap between their unique gifts and the world of business. After becoming an artist, Elizabeth discovered the power of natural gifts and how they can lie undiscovered within a person.

“I help people recognize how they are uniquely equipped, and how to affirm, validate and confidently express that unique contribution” Elizabeth says. She creates platforms where people can be most productive with their gifts, from the inside, out.