It  isn’t lonely at the top when your heart is strong.

You alone know the impossible mission of your life. You see it and accept the challenges. Your drive is deep and compelling, and you are naturally gifted with what you need.

It is good to dream.

It is thrilling to pursue a dream.

And it is immensely satisfying

to live the meaningful life every day.

What you may not have is someone who knows how lifelong missions are accomplished and can support you at mission control. With affirmation, you do things that even amaze yourself. The path of life is organic:

Perception ~ Meaning ~ Strategy ~ Action


Elizabeth Diane Martin

Since 2012, business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and everyday creative individuals have worked with me to find their own natural authority. We have evidence within ourselves when life harmonizes with our work. The Art of Perspective is to live with confidence from your automatic, unstoppable, self-renewing positive motivation. It’s natural, from heart to mind and body.

The heart’s mind is logical

Life can intrude on your vision. You have a reliable, timeless compass – where you found vision in the first place. The 12 phases of The Cycle of Unconscious Response is a model for how good begins when we are detached from the norm and we are fused: heart and mind, body and soul. The heart’s mind is that superior knowledge of identity that grows stronger throughout the cycles of time and life.

See what your life says about you and how you are already living out your dream. I want to hear your story. Contact me.