Conversations for Living Thoughtfully

Our natural strengths show in what we do automatically, confidently and happily – with and for others. There’s no need to struggle alone! As we figure out how to bring our special something to the world we can see what works for us all.

The Art of Perspective newsletter is where we can bring life-changing ideas together and see the good that is softly and naturally infused into our lives every day!

Learn the ‘art of perspective’ and increase your confidence about how life works for you. We will massage ideas that strengthen our intuitive knowledge and help us see how life supports the resilience of personal vision.

This is a new version of the previous newsletter, redesigned as a Q&A conversation with readers. Frequently asked questions and new input from friends will be brought to the forum. Maybe your own unspoken questions will turn up!

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Take a breath and explore self-renewing positive motivation with us!

The real strength of living is where your heart is always on your side – in the heart’s mind. It’s at work for you all the time, underneath all you do. Shouldn’t you be aware of this natural human advantage?

It will make a big difference to get a little insight from your heart’s mind.

Your unconscious good shows up every day, quietly and persistently. Tap into this self-renewing positive motivation! Realize your true position in life in an integrated way with The Art of Perspective.

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