The Path of Victory – April 13, 2019

“Released” oil, edm

The Path of Victory 

Four Approaches that Support
Personal Growth

Saturday April 13, 2019
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Fit Body Studio
2402 North Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs CO 80907

We are happier and more productive when someone has our back!

These four professionals offer support specifically designed to reinforce and encourage self-directed personal development:

Wendy J Carter, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Heart of the Phoenix Art & Counseling

Kelly Cavanaugh, Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach

Elizabeth Diane Martin, author of “The Heart’s Mind” and The Cycle of Unconscious Response model to define and affirm natural authority.

Valerie Montgomery, Licensed Professional Counselor, Beyond Beautiful

For more information, contact Elizabeth Diane Martin by email at

This team has found specific differences among practices that seem so similar on the surface. We will share these discoveries with interested persons who want to have a better idea of how counseling, in general, can be supportive when applied in their situations.

Know yourself.

How we show up as individuals is more important than ever before. We want—and need—to understand ourselves better:

  • To be motivated and creative in work, 
  • To have meaningful lives, and 
  • To cultivate relationships with an attitude of acceptance and mutual respect. 

Services in the field of counseling are increasingly in demand, and yet most people may not fully understand how each type of service works, in practice. The purpose of “The Path of Victory” presentation is to examine the differences among four types of support for those who want to pursue a better quality of life for themselves and those around them.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Diane Martin by email at