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(The graphic includes abstract images of trees by the artist Piet Mondrian, on or about 1912.)

Since 2012, my monthly commentary email, The Art of Perspective. carried encouragement to my readers about positive life perspective, meaningful occupation, and natural entrepreneurship. This new blog is a platform to replace that commentary to show that all three conditions exist where a person’s work flows from the heart.

What the commentary lacked was a demonstration of the tools I use. In this blog, I am making myself the first example of the effectiveness of my ideas. Your results may vary, depending on the extent to which you utilize the full concept.

I will attempt to show how what I recommend to others works for me.

  • I will expose my habits of being positive about life through a better understanding of my own mind and motivation.
  • I give myself permission to work meaningfully where others can see what I do. And before there can be a product or service that will work,
  • I offer an opportunity for others to test my ideas and give me feedback about their experiences.

What I offer is a thing that works for me. I can share the tool that works for me like a compass, telling me where I am in relation to the slow, almost imperceptible progress of goodness in my life. I connect the power of dauntless self-renewing motivation to the cycles of life that present opportunities for growth and inner strength.

The Cycle of Unconscious Response

I propose the idea that there is a closed loop of personal development in 12 phases. Each phase is a level of progress that has a logical sequence of unconscious responses to new events. At the end of that sequence is the appearance of a facet of good in a person’s life. The 12-phase cycle begins again, and just as life unfolds continuously, so does the cycle of these phases naturally overlap and appear in gradual increments, with no abrupt beginning or end.

The tool I offer is a model; an interpretation of the phases in easy-to-understand language that is applicable in a general way to the internal experience of any person. Although there are correlations to external experience, The Cycle of Unconscious Response is a map of the unconscious internal process. I propose that this process is common to all human beings.

Each phase of The Cycle is recognized separately, and will not shake any preconceptions about life. But The Cycle as a whole is a new approach to understanding unconscious behavior. As I applied this discovery to my life for many years, it became easier to understand because it mirrors the systems we find in nature: 12 months; the seasons; seeds of new growth that progress to maturity, go dormant and spring to life again.

The difference in The Cycle of Unconscious Response is that it facilitates reflection on a person’s life — objectively and as a whole — to see the presence of good, which ultimately reveals a sense of individual purpose. If you can see this as I do, as a natural phenomenon that gives insight into the human spirit, it takes on the quality of a scientific discovery.

Here is one of the greatest influences in my search for facts unseen, The classic personal account of Watson and Crick’s groundbreaking discovery of the structure of DNA:


The boundaries of the language in The Cycle of Unconscious Response are these; that it has:

  • No reference to age or gender.
  • No reference to religious or spiritual doctrines.
  • Commonality of internal experience, not wealth or poverty, culture or nationality.
  • Space for proofs and disproofs; that is, as used by others, it may be modified to improve the form so that it matches the common internal human experience, perceived through observing unconscious behavior.

Thoughtful comments are accepted to further a collaboration in discovery.