Why it’s more fun to work for free: Seeds of business

No one wants to work without getting paid. But when you can do a good thing for someone, and you feel naturally competent and happy to do it, the satisfaction on both sides is a reward far more valuable than money.

Why it’s more fun to work for free:

  1. The work shows up spontaneously, inside of real connections.
  2. Unconsciously, the enjoyment is more important than the work.
  3. We interact freely, matching available solutions to current needs.
  4. We actually co-work, each contributing something toward the solution.
  5. We continue working as long as it works on both ends.
  6. When  we have done everything we can do, the job is done, even if we didn’t reach some otherwise goal.
  7. Working together spontaneously and effectively means we were happy to work.
  8. Each person feels personal satisfaction in having contributed to the progress.
  9. We have the freedom to leave when we have no more to contribute.
  10. We are naturally open to being used effectively again.
  11. The oppression of “work” evaporates.
  12. Energy is renewed, skills are sharpened, personal ownership is a fact, and we could charge for our work, if we want to.