The Art of Perspective is about you: how you show up as an individual. Take away the roles and the rote. Validate the cause that you think is worthy, even if you’re the only one. Do the thing you know will make a difference. It will be difficult, you can count on it.

What’s the 12 phases all about?

The Cycle of Unconscious Response is a theory that we process life in 12 phases of development. Natural, unconscious behavior can be observed as the path of passion that unites the internal self with external events. It’s a whole life experience, one that steadily moves toward good. 

People are organisms

  • Tree roots represent deep thought from which we form individual identity. Change begins in a pre-conscious space, above and beyond our natural experience.
  • A tree trunk represents the effect of internal, subconscious strength and maturity as we develop a “knowing” how life works.
  • Tree branches represent the multitude of free actions that take us beyond ourselves, intuitive and natural responses toward others.
  • Leaves, flowers and fruit represent the transformation that occurs by nature, from spirit to mind to action. We mature according to wise responses to life’s unyielding forward motion, bearing the fruit of choices.

If you’re doing serious work on yourself, you can get insight here.

Who am I? Elizabeth Diane: writer, student of culture, workflow system designer, pioneer, discoverer and theorist. I’m doing something I think is very important. It has taken me a long time to figure out some good ways to know what “my thing” in life is, and it turns out to be something that helps others.

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My blog will turn you onto your own best road.

Learn how your unconscious behavior reveals your individuality. This will take time to unfold, so stay with me. Life is not a template; it’s fluid and responsive, supporting us as individuals who increasingly improve the world inside ourselves. We change the world, one by one.

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