Creativity and the 21st Century

To be yourself is the very definition of distinction.

For everyday creatives, vision is key to working well. We see in our mind’s eye something that does not yet exist and we must wrestle time and matter until vision emerges as reality. Vision crystalizes when working alone, and is undaunted by the lack of money.

The key to competence, confidence, generosity, and satisfaction is in accepting the challenge of doing the thing given only to you. If you accept the challenge, at the right time life will hand you what you need to fulfill your mission. 

The Cycle of Unconscious Response: A Model

It may be hard to see the use of learning the 12 phases of The Cycle of Unconscious Response. After all, it is unconscious ability. But if you are the kind of person who likes to understand the natural rhythms of the body – and you are intrigued by the workings of the mind – you might enjoy learning the rhythms and intention of the intangible heart.

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We create the work we love to do and we don’t call it “work.”


The Art of Perspective is to follow the natural inclination to be happy in work. Our own impulsive words and unconscious responses tell what we are naturally inclined to do well. Living and working wholeheartedly satisfies the natural quest for happiness. Get a weekly dose in the audio newsletter.

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Life is not a template; it’s fluid and responsive to get us to the GOOD, for your good and mine.

From thevirtualbrain.comThe flow of the heart’s mind matches the flow of life and adds to the powers of intellect. Your brain may or may not like the fact that the unconscious is more powerful and effective than your conscious intellect but…

One day, it will hit you: This is good stuff!

Unstoppable self-renewing positive motivation is an unconscious quality of human nature. In her new book, Elizabeth Diane shows how time and the cycles of life are designed to constantly improve our lot in life. Get the newsletter.


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The Heart’s Mind

How Unconscious Responses Naturally Improve Our Lives While We Make Other Plans

In The Heart’s Mind you will see how the world behind our eyes defines and distinguishes each person, and how that distinction becomes a subtle force of change.                      Read more…

Time and Life Cycles

A companion to The Heart’s Mind

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