The Art of Perspective is about how our hearts are made to rise to any task and challenge along the way to your vision. It’s how you show up as an individual. Take away the roles and the rote. Do the thing you envision, even if you’re the only one who is sure it would make a difference.

Stepping out on our own takes courage; it takes self-knowledge to know the direction your heart knows to go. It will be difficult, you can count on it. You can also rely on your heart to have the wisdom to know the way and the strength to take on the challenge.

The heart has drive the mind knows nothing about. The heart moves toward good, undeterred by any lesser goal. 

The heart is the engine of original work. It is a purely human, purely intuitive response. The heart leads us true, in “gut” knowledge, intuition, instinct – whatever you want to call it. The heart instills in us a desire to improve our lot, making us grow and strain toward what renews the heart.

I found the self-renewing positive motivation that keeps the heart on track.

I am Elizabeth Diane: writer, student of culture, workflow system designer, pioneer, and discoverer. Over the past 20 years, I have studied and written about the natural phenomenon of unconscious response.

Initially, my discovery came out of a fierce need to find some evidence of good in life that wasn’t constructed or verbalized by any person, including myself. I set out to observe what moved me when I had no desire to move; what electrified me when I was dead, emotionally.

Over time, I found this phenomenon a name, “The Cycle of Unconscious Response.” The Cycle revolves in 12 phases to complete its purpose, and then repeats.

What’s the 12 phases all about?

The natural phenomenon I observe and write about is the way we process change in 12 phases, from inner conclusions to outward intention and the eventual manifestation of an element of good.

Natural, unconscious behavior can be observed as the path of passion that unites who we are, inside, with the value of one unique life.

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In my forthcoming book, you’ll learn how unconscious behavior reveals individuality. Knowing ourselves as distinct from others is the key to competence, confidence, generosity, and satisfaction.

Your life purpose takes time to unfold, and we grow into it in phases. The seemingly unrelated events in life actually work together for you.

Life is not a template; it’s fluid and responsive, supporting you individually, as it increasingly improves your world inside. Then you automatically bring that change into the world around you.

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