The Art of Perspective for the 21st Century Worker

The tools of the 20th Century not only made creativity possible, they made creativity the new imperative of the 21st Century.

You can show up with individuality when you know who and what you are. The key to competence, confidence, generosity, and satisfaction is in knowing how natural originality is released, from heart to hand

We create the work we love to do
and we don’t call it “work.”

The ability to create is already built into our nature. We might know what we do and what we say and what we believe, but do we know what we are and why?

When you know your heart’s mind, you will know how, who, and why you are, and then you can live from the heart in all you do. Living and working with our whole being–heart, soul, mind, and body–satisfies the natural quest for happiness.

Life is not a template; it’s fluid and responsive.

From thevirtualbrain.comThe flow of the heart’s mind matches the flow of life and adds to the powers of intellect. Your brain may or may not like the fact that the unconscious is more powerful and effective than your conscious intellect but…

One day, it will hit you: This is good stuff!

Elizabeth Diane found the source of unstoppable self-renewing positive motivation and describes it as an unconscious quality of human nature. In a forthcoming book, Elizabeth follows the natural human inclination to constantly improve our lot in life. 

In The Heart’s Mind you will see how the world behind our eyes brings distinction to each person, and how that distinction becomes a subtle force of change.

The 12 Phases of The Cycle of Unconscious Response is a natural phenomenon. Once you catch the drift that flows deep within yourself, you will see where life is already working for you. Get the new series of blog posts about the 12 Phases of The Cycle of Unconscious Response.